Cleansing of the Reach

Second Session

Fortunatly before anyone comes to investigate the shooting the group leaves the warehouse. Quickly heading towards the next place on a small piece of paper that Cleric found. When they arive the check the front door which was locked. They head around back and notice a guard so they shoot the guard, unfortunately not killing him fast enough, so he shouts out that he is under attack. The back door is now locked, and so Lugg sets off a grenade at the base of the door, manages to catch a piece of the frag with his armor, but the door does not harmed. So with no furthis way to breach the door, they then head to the next place on the list. It turns out to be a restaurant, they enter the front and all of the people turn to face them. Lugg backs out of the bar and holds the door shut so Cleric can not follow. He orders food and passes out from the spice. One of the people in the restaurant pulls him into a back room, before Lugg can react. Lugg goes arouynd the back of the restaurant and gets in a fight with a guard, killing him. He throws a grenade through the back door of the restaurant, wounding two guards inside. The two guards pull into one deeper room. Lugg Tries to follow them but finds the door is metal. He turns around to find people coming in the door He came through, and begins to kill them. A total of seven people die, almost before they could shoot. The remaining people attempt to sneak out the front, but He can hear this from Cleric’s microbead. So He ambuHes them as they come out the front door. He manages to kill all of them in the street, unfortunately this causes help to be called. He manages to hide all of the corpses in the back room of the restaurant before the reinforcements can be get thise. Lugg convinces the reinforcements that all is good at the restaurant using a combination of his hiver fellowship and some money. Lugg quickly loots the bodies and rigs the building to explode by unhooking the gas in the kitchen and lighting a candle just outside the kitchen and leaves to find a play to stay for the night.

First Session

The characters wake up in a square metal room, with two doors. Castella “Kat” Thrace starts the conversation by introducing herself as a 43 year old assassin. She then asks Jericus “Lugg” Regis what he is, who promptly answers that he was a mercenary guardsman. Kat began talking about her superior origins from being born on an Imperial world. Solomon Lupus “the Verbal” piped up about him also being from an imperial world, and introduced himself to the party as “Cleric.” All three of them notice an inset panel in one of the walls with a series of buttons on a panel next to it, and they decide not to press a button. When “Lugg” fails to open one of the doors, he attempts to pelvic thrust the door. “Cleric” attempts the other door, and finds it locked. Kat excitedly “squees” “I GET TO PRESS A BUTTON!” Kat approaches the panel to get a closer look and notices three buttons: red, green, and yellow. She pushes the yellow button and nothing happens. Cleric tells her to try another one. Kat presses the red button, a response of clanking gears occurs. They team up to attempt to push the panel up. Kat presses the green button. The panel moves to reveal a window showing them the vast emptiness of space. Cleric suggests that if he flagellates himself the doors might open. An electronic voice asks “You were going to flagellate yourself?” One of the doors opens, and the group enters the next room. Cleric mumbles under his breath “Praise the Emperor.” In the shade across the room the group notices the shadowy outline of a person across the room. Lugg says “Hello.” The shadowy figure surprises them by telling them their names. The group is given their first mission to track down and eliminate the leaders of the rebellious factions on the planet Hyporia before the major invasion of the planet. Their ride to the planet is a deathwatch thunderhawk. Kat announces, “We are all going to die!” as the thunderhawk plummets out of the hangar bay. After reaching the Capital city of Hyporia they began to inquire as to the locations of the leaders of the city. Finding out that the leader of the city, who just ousted the last leader of the city, is hiding in his bunker and will not be leaving it officially for another 12 days the group decides to investigate the city. After two days they find one of the rebellions weapons dumps by following three members of the rebellion to it. Lugg misses the first rebel with his las pistol, and combat begins. Cleric bursts in the door and blasts the arm off of one of the rebels. Kat missed another rebel twice with her shotgun. Lugg catches the third rebel in the right arm, Cleric quickly follows up with a shot to the left arm killing him. Then they all focus on the rebel kat missed and under concentrated fire he does not last long. They quickly neutralized the people guarding the weapons dump, unfortunately not silently. The session ends with the group looting the corpses and the weapons dump.


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